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  • Gen Xers are the most valuable demographic for Real Estate Agents

    Posted on Mar 04th, 2015, Category: Real Estate Agents
    This insight is based on behaviors of demographic segments in real estate transactions. We looked at behaviors of five different segments – Gen Y, Gen X, Younger Boomers, Older Boomers and the Silent generation. The insight may be intuitive to many of you – Gen Xers are the most valuable demographic to Real Estate Agents. Before we go deeper, let’s look at how these age based demographic... read more
  • Your Customers are Highly Likely to Recommend You – Give Them a Chance

    Posted on Feb 23rd, 2015, Category: Real Estate Agents
    Hello again! We are back with one more insight. Before we go into details, big kudos all Real Estate Professionals out there! A whopping 88% of real estate customers are satisfied with buying/selling process. Achieving such high satisfaction particularly in real estate is amazing. Based on NAR’s national survey of real of buyers & sellers - Your customers are highly satisfied with buying / selli... read more
  • Home Buyers Overestimate Length of Their Stay in the Homes They Purchase

    Posted on Feb 19th, 2015, Category: Real Estate Agents
    Real Estate Professionals – In our continued effort to bring you customer insights, we are focusing this week on how home buyers think about their tenure in the home are about to purchase. We took data from buyers’ expected tenure in recently bought home and compared that to sellers’ actual length of stay in recently sold home. This simple comparison indicates that buyers overestimate the... read more
  • Reputation is the most important factor when choosing a Real Estate Agent

    Posted on Feb 09th, 2015, Category: Real Estate Agents
    We, at SuperLiked, realize how important it is for you to generate leads – both buyer and seller leads. We have been digging deep into real estate customer preferences to get you most helpful insights. Hope these insights will help you generate more leads and close more transactions. First, and we believe the most important, is that customers on both sides of the transaction and from all age groups u... read more
  • Be Discovered Beyond Your Office Location

    Posted on Oct 10th, 2014, Category: For Professionals
    Use 'Service Areas' to go beyond your office location. Typical local search lets your customers discover you around your office location. With SuperLiked 'Service Areas' you can be discovered any location you serve - not just around your office location. Whether you’re location neutral, or you’re able to help customers in a larger geographic area such as multiple cities, a region or entire sta... read more