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Professional reputation is about you and it goes with you, always

Posted on Oct 10th, 2014 | Posted by

If there’s one thing that’s clear from all the data, the modern consumer trusts people more than businesses. That is where building professional reputation helps both you and your business. And professional reputation is yours irrespective of which business you work for.

Let’s say you’re an outstanding real estate agent with Re/Max. Take a moment to think of how your repeat customers are likely to identify you to their friends and online. They’re likely to say, “oh, you’ve got to go run this by Diane. She’s great. I’ve worked with her several times.” They’re not likely to say, “oh, you’ve got to go see my Re/Max agent,” are they? With this in mind, we created SuperLiked to allow Diane to develop a superior online reputation of her own so that whenever someone in the area is in the market for a real estate agent, they’re able to comb through a list of highly qualified professionals – regardless of their business. Even if Diane chooses to strike out on her own or switch to Coldwell Banker, someone selling or buying in the area will still be able to find her.

Here’s a real-life example: Dina Moody made a name for herself as a Fitness Coach at Perfect Balance in Freemont, California. Her name was featured prominently in Yelp reviews, but only under the Perfect Balance name. However, this all changed when she started a SuperLiked profile. Now, when people had a great experience with her, they could attribute it directly to her, rather than the business. And when she went out on her own and started the Better Everyday, customers were able to easily follow her to her new business. Without SuperLiked, she would have had no base of good reviews to build upon; with it, prospects and returning customers alike had a place they could go to share their experiences with her, which translated to a much faster ramp-up in business than she could have otherwise achieved. That’s just one advantage of separating your professional reputation from that of your business.

Another situation in which it pays to be considered separately from your business is when someone else at the business develops a poor reputation. Taken together, all the professionals who work at that business will be tarred with the same brush, even if the person dragging down the business’s reputation no longer works there. Considered separately, prospects will know which of you has earned a positive reputation and which have not. It’s another way of rewarding excellence and insulating you from the consequences of a bad online reputation.

With these concrete advantages, it’s no wonder that professionals are coming to see the value in separating themselves from the pack with SuperLiked.

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