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Be Discovered Beyond Your Office Location

Posted on Oct 10th, 2014 | Posted by

Use 'Service Areas' to go beyond your office location. Typical local search lets your customers discover you around your office location. With SuperLiked 'Service Areas' you can be discovered any location you serve - not just around your office location.

Whether you’re location neutral, or you’re able to help customers in a larger geographic area such as multiple cities, a region or entire state, SuperLiked makes it much easier for potential customers to locate you. With our unique search tools, you don’t need to worry that you’re missing out on customers who can only search a certain distance from their location. If you’re a real estate broker who can cover a long distance, a tax professional who can help anyone in a given state, or any other professional whose craft doesn’t necessarily depend on being close to your customer, SuperLiked’s enhanced search feature is there for you.

Here is how you can make sure that you are discovered in right places:

  • If you generally serve around your office location, you just select ‘Office Based’ which is default. With this option, you will be discovered around 20 miles radius of your location.
  • If you beyond your office location, please uncheck ‘Office Based’ which allows you to choose ‘Service Areas’. Service Areas can be multiple cities such as San Jose, regions such as San Francisco Bay Area, entire state such as California or even entire US (for example, if you are an Immigration Attorney). Once you set Service Areas – you will be discovered by prospects in those cities, regions or states.

With a reputation spanning many cities, you’ll have the opportunity to become the go-to pro for countless customers who need your services. Just complete your SuperLiked profile, set your Service Area, and let your customers do the rest.

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