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Reputation is the most important factor when choosing a Real Estate Agent

Posted on Feb 09th, 2015 | Posted by

We, at SuperLiked, realize how important it is for you to generate leads – both buyer and seller leads. We have been digging deep into real estate customer preferences to get you most helpful insights. Hope these insights will help you generate more leads and close more transactions.

First, and we believe the most important, is that customers on both sides of the transaction and from all age groups unequivocally said that the most important factor when choosing a Real Estate Agent is Agent’s reputation.

Do not confuse this with your firm’s reputation – they are talking your personal reputation. In fact, Agent’s association with a particular firm is one of the least important factors. It’s a simple message – your customer care about your personal reputation as an Agent.


Buyers: Reputation is the #1 factor for Buyers when choosing their Agent. Note that association with a particular firm is stated differently from reputation – indicating that Buyers really cared your personal Reputation as an Agent.

Survey included Reputation as a separate category from Honesty & Trustworthy. We believe that honesty and trustworthiness are attributes of Reputation. Thus, we combined both into single bar – however, we separated the bar into two portions so you can see what we did - blue indicates Honesty & Trustworthy and light blue indicates Reputation.

We were a bit surprised to see only 12% of buyers opting for ‘Knowledge of neighborhood’. That is attributed to many buyers searching on Internet before choosing an agent – we will come back to that in a separate post.

Strong preference to choose a reputed agent did not vary by age group. While there are small differences in % by age group, the trend remains strong across all age groups.


Sellers: The trend remains strong even among Sellers. In fact, reputation is even more important for Sellers than it is for Buyers. Surprisingly, Agent commission does not seem to be a big factor.

You probably guessed where we are going next – Reputation remains the most important factor for Sellers across all age groups.


We are here to help you build your Reputation: SuperLiked is the only place that focuses on your personal reputation as an Agent and it’s free. Agents with most five star reviews show up on the top – our users know that SuperLiked purely depends on reviews and that no one can pay to show up as premier agent on the top.

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