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Your Customers are Highly Likely to Recommend You – Give Them a Chance

Posted on Feb 23rd, 2015 | Posted by

Hello again! We are back with one more insight.

Before we go into details, big kudos all Real Estate Professionals out there! A whopping 88% of real estate customers are satisfied with buying/selling process. Achieving such high satisfaction particularly in real estate is amazing.

Based on NAR’s national survey of real of buyers & sellers - Your customers are highly satisfied with buying / selling process and they are highly likely to recommend you.

Your Customers are Highly Likely to Recommend You:

But their offline reach is limited - how many potential customers do you think they can reach? Physical word of mouth just does not scale. There is a better way to amplify the voice of your happy customers – take their recommendations online with SuperLiked. With online recommendations, your hard work that led to high satisfaction goes much further. Taking those recommendations online will improve your reach through search engines and customers are way more likely to trust customers’ recommendations than any advertising. It gets even better – majority of your potential customers would use online recommendations to choose their agent.

Potential Customers are Looking Online for their Next Agent:

Once those recommendations go online, you can reach lot more potential customers and they are looking online to choose their next agent.

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