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What is SuperLiked?

SuperLiked connects people with service providers like doctors, dentists, lawyers, teachers and more. On SuperLiked, you can find and review the best professionals and help your community discover outstanding service.

How is SuperLiked different than Yelp, Angie’s List and LinkedIn?

Unlike Yelp and Angie’s List, reviews on SuperLiked are directed at the professionals who provide outstanding service, not the businesses that employ them. Also, SuperLiked is a Customer-to-Professional community, not a Professional-to-Professional network like LinkedIn.

I am a service provider. Can I own and operate my own provider page?

Yes. Please do - there are several ways to own your profile.

  • If your customers already created a profile for you and if they gave us your email address - we already sent you an email about your profile. Easiest way to owning your profile is to find that email and follow instructions.
  • If your customers already created a profile for you and you do not have an email from us - please find your profile using the search box at the top and then start the claim process using 'Claim Profile' link at the top right corner of your profile page.
  • If you do not have a profile yet - please signup to SuperLiked, navigate to 'Edit Profile' and select 'I am a Provider' to create your provider profile.

Feel free to contact us if you need help.

How does the SuperLiked ratings scale work?

Ratings are on a 1-5 scale. 5 = SuperLiked; 4 = Liked; 3 = Ok. We do not allow 1 and 2 on SuperLiked. All ratings are averaged and presented as an aggregate score on a provider’s profile, rounded to the nearest tenth of a point (i.e. 4.7).

Why is 3 the lowest rating I can give a provider?

Because SuperLiked is only for sharing positive customer experiences and spreading the word about great professionals.

Can I ask my customers to rate me on SuperLiked?

Yes. Please do – Thanks for sharing our vision of 'good goes around®'.

Can I ask my friends and family to rate me on SuperLiked?

It depends. If they are your customers, please do. If they are not your customers, please do not.

Can I rate my colleagues? Better yet, my boss at work?

No. This is not the place to share your experience with bosses or coworkers. In order to review a provider, you must be a former or existing customer.

Can I post my reviews anonymously?

Yes. We respect your privacy. You must be a SuperLiked member to post a review. However, you can choose for any review to be anonymous. Disclosing your name is encouraged when possible, but we understand that some services are private.

I get awesome reviews. Can I use those on my website or blog?

Not yet. We are building "embedded reviews" feature to enable sharing great reviews across the web.

How can I promote my service on SuperLiked?

Best way to promote your services on SuperLiked is to have your customers review your service. More positive reviews you get, more customers you will find.