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SuperLiked is a community for positive reviews only. If you have something negative to say, please do it elsewhere. Our mission is to spread good service, and to connect customers with best professionals. Anyone posting content deemed inappropriate may be subject to account termination.


Please be advised of the following:

  • No offensive language; please keep to commonly accepted language,

  • We are family friendly – please do not add adult and/or illegal service providers to SuperLiked. A simple rule of thumb – if something should not be seen by children, then it does not belong to SuperLiked.

  • Bad does not have to go around. The point of this community is to spread the word about good service; please do not use SuperLiked to bash competition. If you have experienced service that you would rate less than 3 stars (on a 1-5 scale), please keep it outside SuperLiked.

  • We request that you post reviews about only those professionals from whom you have received service. It’s OK if they are friends and family but do not post a review if you have not personally received the service – we consider those fake reviews and will actively delete them from the website. Repeated fake reviews will result in account termination.

  • If you are a service provider, we encourage you to ask your customers for good reviews. However, please do not provide any material incentives in exchange for good reviews. Your awesome service is enough incentive for your customers.

  • Please do not copy content that does not belong to you. Plagiarism is never acceptable, especially when you are making good go around. Of course, it is OK to post your comments on multiple sites – as long as the content is yours.

  • Ability to contact fellow users and service providers is a privilege. Please do not spam – keep your conversation relevant and avoid promoting other businesses than your own.

  • We may edit your content to improve quality. We may also remove content (including photos) that we deem to be of low quality.